PC-09 Posture Corrector with Lumbar Support Waist Belt / Back Brace

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Size: M


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  • IMPROVE POSTURE —Posture braces works by training your muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment.
  • ADJUSTABLE —Back posture brace feature velcro straps which allow you to make the adjustment you need for the best correction effects, built-in 2 steel bones on lower back for extra support to protect your core waist,.
  • EASY TO WEAR —You can easily put on the back posture corrector by yourself.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE —Made of soft but durable material, which can provide maximum comfort while keep you stay good posture so you can keep foucus on your works.

— Adjustable strap allow you to control the support you need for the best correction effects.
—Built-in 2 steel bones on lower back guarantee extra brace support to protect your core waist.

Super easy to use
1. Set the appropriate size
2. Wear it on your shoulders
3. Put down and adjust the position of the waist and abdomen to stick the ab-dominal stickly.
4. Adjust the size further
5. Stick the Velcro, done

Since both sizes are adjustable with velcro straps. We recommend you to adjust for the best fit. 1 size bigger or smaller can be adjusted to fix and fit it correctly.

How does grin health GHPC09 posture corrector benefit you?

–Keeping bones and muscles aligned properly
–Reducing mental and physical fatigue and stress,
–Preventing backache
-Helps with positive physical appearance
–Prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions

How to use posture brace?
–It is better to wear posture corrector in the first half of the day, when the muscle mass is in a relaxed state. During the first week please use your posture corrector for 15-20 min, after you can add 20 min every day.

–You may feel uncomfortable for the first 3-4 days, but later you get use to wear the posture corrector.

–It is recommended to wear back brace when people are engaged in static position (e.g. work at the computer). Do not perform physical exercises while wearing your back brace.

–It is not recommended to sleep in the corrector. Please note, that wearing a posture corrector is only a preventive measure and it should not be used for medical treatment purposes.


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